Eye contour 15ml

Skin around the eye contour area is one of the most sensitive and easily worn by the appearance of aging marks, making it more vulnerable to external factors which end up causing skin weakening.

We offer you an extremely smooth bio treatment, rich in anti-swelling, nourishing and antioxidant ingredients. Among them we find arnica montana, devil's claw and camomile to reduce swelling and activate blood flow, jasmine extract and grape seed oil for dry and dehydrated skins, jojoba oil which acts as an excellent moisturizer and gives the skin a softer and firmer feel. It is also rich in oligo elements and minerals such as selenium for antioxidant effects, tea extract for antiseptic qualities, eglantine rose for regenerative effect and preventing wrinkles due to its content in polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, daisy extract for depigmentizing effect, rose water which benefits skin tone, balances
and refreshes the skin and vitamin E which permits the reinforcement of the antioxidant defenses of the cells and helps prevent premature aging of the skin.

Geonatur eye contour will make your eyes appear less swollen, and signs of fatigue and expression lines will gradually disappear.

See how your skin and your gaze naturally recover their luminosity.