Anti-aging cream 50ml

Highly effective against signs of age on the skin. Rich in rich moisturizing, nutritional and antioxidant agents, it deeply moisturizes the skin and renews the skin from within, contributing to the formation of collagen.  

Among its active principles we find Wheat germ, very powerful in fighting free radicals and decreasing the aging of the skin, Ginkgo Biloba, gifted with decongestive, antioxidant, and vasoprotective properties, Eglantine rose and its profound regeneration of the skin tissue, loaded with essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, prevents wrinkling and helps to rejuvenate the skin, Galactoarabinan as an essential component for regulating and controlling transepidermal water loss, and other highly effective natural ingredients such as ginseng, cucumber, vitamin C and E or bees wax which contributes to a lifting effect.

Our Geonatur anti-aging cream will make your skin regain its elasticity and light, remaining nourished and hydrated, and gradually making the wrinkles and expression lines gradually and naturally diminish.